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12 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fans of Film Photography

Updated: Jan 19

If you are ever stuck in a rut as a film photographer, know that you are not alone. Many join you in the battle of keeping film alive and staying inspired. Luckily, inspiration can be just a click away.

There are over 3 million posts on Instagram these days with the hashtag #keepfilmalive. Surely some of these must help to keep you inspired, but which of the accounts are best to follow?

We have listed our favorite Instagrammers below that keep proving that film is in fact not dead. Whatever you are a fan of, whether that be nature, urban life, or anything quirky, we've got just the Instagram handle for you.

For fans of nature and landscape:


If you're a fan of nature and landscapes you're not going to be disappointed for following James on Instagram. Based in B.C., Canada, James posts plenty of mountain-related content but also dabs a bit into the coastal areas. In fact, you might even also be interested in the zine he's founded, the Stade Magazine, as it is also pretty much travel-inspired and filled with nature as well as landscape content.

Instagram account focusing on nature film photography


Another amazing handle to follow for fans of nature photography is one of Dillon Jenkins'. Aside from taking beautiful pictures of the landscape, he also has a way of adding that little characteristic that makes his photos look a bit more misty and mysterious.

Instagram account focusing on landscape film photography


Based in California, Linda might not necessarily have a tremendous amount of followers at the moment, but in no way does that correspond to the level of beauty with which she captures nature. Her works have also been featured in plenty of well-known zines, such as @negativemag.

Instagram account that focuses on landscape and nature film photography

For fans of the urban jungle:


One simply cannot talk about the urban jungle and not start with New York. Based in the Big Apple, Rebecca captures the city life like no other, giving us a glimpse of what life is like as a Yank. That is when she is not back in her home country, Switzerland.

Instagram account focusing on urban film photography


Halfway across America, we have Taishi Yokoyama, whose works are mainly captured in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. If you're looking for someone who posts with high consistency I would definitely recommend following him, as he even organizes his posts and reels by week, so you know you'll get a dose of street photography every single week.

Instagram account of a film photographer based in Tokyo, Japan


From the bright neon lights to the daylight nothingness of a normal commute in Hong Kong, this account very well manages to capture the urban jungle some dream of seeing on their Instagram timeline. Some of the works are also captured with expired films, which certainly adds an interesting character to them.

Instagram account of an analog photographer based in Hong Kong

For dog lovers:


For all photos dog-related there really is no better Instagram handle to follow other than this one. The account is a very well-curated zine that publishes other people's works within the dog-sphere and never fails to show just how lovely this species is even in film. The curator is based in Argentina so don't be alarmed if you find yourself not understanding their captions. Focus on the photos and you'll be good to go ;)

Instagram account focusing on dog photos taken in film


When I include an Instagram handle here with less than 100 followers know that it's because I personally am a fan of it myself, follower or no follower. Here we have another zine with a compilation of dog pics from all over the world.

Bonus: If you tag them in your photos you might even find your K9 featured on one of their posts.

Instagram account that posts mainly dog content

For fans of black and white:


There's a difference between shooting in color vs. black and white and Juan Glassford knows how to use it to his advantage as he travels around Kenya, Bangladesh, Turkey and many other countries. Lucky for us, we get to follow along in black and white.

Instagram account focusing on black and white film photography


Perhaps what is the most fascinating about Monsieur Guillon's works is how simply he captures his objects, and how off-guard they are in the photos: an old woman walking her dog, two men playing chess in the park. There is a certain level of easiness that comes from seeing his photos. Follow his journey long enough and maybe we'll even find out his secrets to achieving this ;)

Instagram account that focuses on black and white analog photography

For fans of all things quirky:


Curated by Marion Herbain, the zine account celebrates the happy accidents so commonly found in film photography, particularly in the first frame of a 35mm roll. Expect zero full-frame photos and tons of light leaks and quirkiness.

Instagram account focusing on the first frames of the roll in film photography


As Miguel puts on his bio, his photos are mainly a combination of lo-fi, light leaks and double exposures, giving them a hint of that post-nature/post-industrial look. He can also be seen using 'non-traditional' film rolls like the Lomochrome Purple to add to his quirky photos. So the next time you get bored of film photography and think "What's next?", check out his works and get inspired.

Instagram account that focuses on film photography

So there we have it. Twelve Instagram accounts spanning a variety of different styles and genres of film photography - hope at least one of them helps to keep you inspired. Don't be shy if we haven't got your favorite Instagrammers on our list, do share in the comment section below!



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